Why Date a Stripper?

not all strippers are messed up


I’ve dated a lot of these girls. I’m also close friends with several strippers and strip club server/shooter girls. Most of the time you can screen the girls and get a good idea of what you’re dealing with. Only once did I make an error in judgement and find out the girl was a bit too much of a partier for my tastes. Of course, you too will come across strippers who party too much, or are emotionally screwed up. In any nightlife-related job, you will find these personality types. Combine the intense nocturnal lifestyle, and being able to drink and party (while you’re on the job!), and naturally there will be women who go over the edge.


On the other hand, I know gorgeous strippers who don’t drink excessively, don’t smoke, and don’t touch drugs. They work at the clubs simply because there is simply no other job where they can make this much cash, so easily. These girls actually have to “dumb themselves down” when they are working, so that customers can buy into the whole “fantasy” that they are with a brainless sex object — when in reality, these are some of the coolest, hippest chicks you will ever come across! The latest stripper that I dated is actually an aspiring fashion designer from Brazil. She uses the money she makes working only 3 nights a week to support herself while she dabbles in fashion design. Then she takes off for a couple of weeks every 2-3 months to show and sell her designs back in Brazil.