Types of Clubs

exotic dancer ass

You’re off to a club, but do you really know where you’re going?

Hit up our web site or google to find a few details on the strip club you’re heading off too.  You’ll want to find out if it’s an expensive club or not, and then “fit the part” (we’ll cover that in another post).

You’ll find the lesser expensive clubs “easier” to work your game in — the girls are more open to social interaction, where the expensive high end clubs the girls are there for money and they are harder to distract away from “business”.

It’s definitely not impossible,  but I’d recommend beginning an less expensive clubs, during a time it’s not too busy.  Stay out of there at 11:00pm or later on a Friday or Saturday night!


Watch for our next post… we’ll get into “casing the joint” (for the best flow) and discuss going solo, with a friend and as part of a group.