toronto – zanzibar

Score! One hot little Greek girl!

Walk with your head up in here!!

One of the staff members almost took a stripper boot to the face as he walked by the stage while one of the girls was doing her act on the pole.

Actually, I’m going to recommend that you don’t walk in front of the stage if a girl is on the pole — it’s just not safe!


Anyway – you’ll find girls here that you can put into a wide variety of categories.  From the crack junkie skank to some very clean, intelligent girls.

One of those clean, fun and intelligent girls happens to be of Greek descent (well, back when I got the score — about 8 months ago now).  She was such a cute little thing — very business oriented – but not closed off to a bit of friendly conversation.  Some unexpected banter from me got her curious initially and when she got to a point of saying “you’re not like the other guys that come in here”, I figured I pretty much had her in the bag at that point.

I continued more, building up rapport and breaking it a bit — she took the bait and very quickly began to qualify herself to me.  After listening to a few minutes of her qualifying herself, I broke off and told her I had to leave.  She walked me to the door and whispered her number to me.

We had a great time the next after noon before she went to work.  Memories of that Greek experience will be with me for a while and although I visited Zanzibar again a couple months later I didn’t see her working.


As far as Zanzibar (359 Yonge St – Toronto) goes in general:  the girls are great at marketing.   If you lack serious game, forget it — the girls will milk you dry (your wallet that is).  You need tight game to counter the girls in here – expect to piss off a few of them though — piss off too many and you might as well move on to another club for the night.   And like I said at the start of the post — watch your head when walking past the stage!