Toronto – For Your Eyes Only

For Your Eyes Only

Downtown Toronto at 563 King Street West, this club is pretty much surrounded by lots of things always going on.

Regular clubs are within a couple of minutes of a walk from here, Toronto’s waterfront, the CN Tower, Rogers Centre and much more.


I stayed in Toronto for a couple of months last summer and spent a lot of time in at For Your Eyes Only.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, and can easily say that I never had a really negative experience.

I hooked up with two of the girls here (on different occasions).  They were intelligent girls and we actually hung out at the regular club next door a fair bit prior to their shifts at For Your Eyes Only.

One of the two girls lived just North of the city, so she’d routinely come to the downtown area early, so we could hook up.    The other girl actually lived only a couple blocks away and was introduced to me by the first girl I hooked up with.

My only off putting experience at this club was with  one of the skinny blonde girls.  She looked cute, but that was the extent of it.  The moment she opened her mouth I was disgusted.  She completely lacked intelligence and conversation ability.    My conversation ender was, “I gotta go take a piss” — but when I got back, she was still there waiting for me.  Ugh.  Finally I just left the club for that night and went to a regular night club down the street.

Anyway — For Your Eyes Only comes highly recommended by me.  I don’t pay for dances and VIP rooms, but I know you had to pay “access” to the VIP area to get dances — and they have some “chip” system in place too.  Fuck it — just get the girls attracted to you, and whatever you want you’ll get – back at her place, or yours.