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Types of Clubs

You’re off to a club, but do you really know where you’re going? Hit up our web site or google to find a few details on the strip club you’re heading off too.  You’ll want to find out if it’s an expensive club or not, and then “fit the part” (we’ll cover that in another [...]


Guy Stripper Names

When working “game” with strippers, we some times like to flirt and tease using “stripper name game” (click to jump to that post). It doesn’t hurt to have your own stripper name for using some of our techniques.  Use the instructions below to come up with a suitable stripper name and commit it to memory [...]


Stripper Name Game

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been to hundreds of strip clubs over the years.  Many of them several times over. And I have noticed that there seems to be a stipper named ‘Candy’ at every strip club in the world! Original (or rare) stripper names are very rare indeed – and using that [...]