Stripper Name Game

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been to hundreds of strip clubs over the years.  Many of them several times over. And I have noticed that there seems to be a stipper named ‘Candy’ at every strip club in the world!

Original (or rare) stripper names are very rare indeed – and using that knowledge you can have some fun and build a bit of rapport with _any_ of the girls in the strip club — including the server girls!

Let’s start by reviewing a list of the popular stripper girl names you’ll come across:


I would be very, very surprised that if you go to your local strip club, and don’t see at least one girl with one of these names! But that won’t very likely happen… thanks to Destiny.

So how can you stir up some “game” by this knowledge?

  1. If her name is on the list — it’s free for all here – bust on her for having one of the top ten popular dancer names
  2. If her name isn’t on the list — you could a) bug her about the top 10 names already used in the club b) congratulate her for being “slightly” original (depending on where you feel her name _might_ fit on the list)
  3. Introduce yourself with one of the top ten “guy stripper” names

It’s on from there.  You’ve got a conversation started and you can now run with it.

Keep in mind these are working girls – so you can’t take up too much of their time or become the typical customer.  Learn more about strip club game, or take one of our strip club seminars for more information.