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Bruce Min: How to Attract Strippers

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We’ve been involved in “gaming girls” for years — and working a strip club isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do… but it’s very much possible and a lot of fun as well.

Aside from using “regular game” on the girls, we really enjoy what Bruce Min has put together in his ebook “How To Attract Strippers“.   The modest cost of his e-book will not only get you a girl at the strip club – it could very well save you hundreds of dollars by teaching you how to avoid “customer traps” the girls do to convince you to buy them drinks and get lap dances.  Why pay for these girls when a little bit of “game” will have them wanting you — despite what’s in  your wallet.

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The Alpha Within

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If you’re a “newbie” in the world of seduction and gaming girls, you might also want to check out another ebook by Bruce — it’s called “The Alpha Within“.  Gaming stripper girls and the servers that work at strip clubs requires some advanced level techniques for the most part.  So you’ll want to have the fundamentals down first.

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