Crossovers – Barrie Ontario

Crossovers - Dunlop St. Barrie Ontario


Crossovers “Entertainment Lounge”… Dunlop Street West in Barrie.

I regularly spend the night in Barrie during my “400 highway” tours up to Sudbury (& beyond) when coaching clients, and I must say this place is definitely not on my “top club” list, lol.

I’ve never pulled a stripper from here – and honestly, am not sure that I really ever want to.  Perhaps it’s just been the nights I’ve been there?  I don’t know the reason… but you either get old and ugly, or young skanky and stupid  - yes, meth rots your teeth out – it’s called meth mouth and is fucking disgusting — take a look here and reconsider smoking that shit.

Drugs are in obvious demand and being purchased “out back”, the server girls – well, again, I’m not in the business of pulling from this place!

If you’ve been here recently, let me know — perhaps the girls have been rotated out or fired or ended up elsewhere (jail? body bag? fucked if I know).

Hmf.  I guess I should stop in again sometime just to see what is going on with the place… But based on my limited experience here, I am going to recommend avoiding it — unless it’s just a quick stop before you hit up one of the nightclubs in the town.

Maybe I’ll add this too — most of the girls I interacted with are “open” to even basic “game” — so it could be a reasonable spot to run preliminary stuff on the girls to see what you get a reaction.  Everything I did earned “positive” results from the girls.  Never any negativity.  I’m guessing these girls probably score “positive” results on the STI test too though.